What is Mother’s Day? And it like in countries around the world?

Happy Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a traditional holiday of many countries around the world. Mother’s Day is unlike other holidays of the year, each year there is a change that is by convention the second Sunday of May every year.

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has many different views on where the starting point comes from. There are many different documents but most people believe that Mother’s Day originated in the Greek and Roman periods. In the spring, the Mother Gratitude Festival is held annually in Greece and people at that time sacrificed to the goddesses, especially the god Rhea – Mother of many gods. From there, it is a custom for children to give flowers or fruit cakes to their mothers to pay their respects. However, this tradition gradually fell into oblivion two centuries ago.

god Rhea
God Rhea

Later, in the US, thanks to the patience and the heart of a girl named Anna wanted to devote the love and express her love for the deceased mother. It was an event for people to think about their indifferent attitude towards the mothers who were born and nurtured themselves. Therefore, this girl was determined to ask the US Senate to celebrate Mother’s Day nationwide and by 1911, after years of struggle, Mother’s Day was agreed to be celebrated in most states of America. And on May 8, 1414, the President of the United States signed the decision to designate the second Sunday in May each year as the official Mother’s Day.

That good wave has spread to many countries around the world. So, in each country, how Mother’s Day take place?

Considered a major holiday after Christmas and Valentine’s Day, the US celebrates “Mother’s Day” on the second Sunday of May. On this day, Americans often invite their mother to dinner because they do not want her to have to cook or be busy working on this special day. Or, in a more emotional way, we can choose to express our love with breakfast in bed prepared by ourselves. The most commonly used flower is carnation because it symbolizes “Mother’s Day.” The flower of their choice is red or pink. In addition, they placed white carnations on the grave of the deceased mother.

Happy Mother's Day
Children in Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in England and Ireland

This day is also known as “Mother’s Sunday” in England. In addition to the meals prepared by the children for their mother, Simnel cake is one of the dishes that people often think of on this occasion of love. On Mother’s Day, Ireland human expresses their love and respect with flowers and cards to those who gave birth and raised them. Also during the day, shows and comedies are held in many places. Besides, the British gave gifts to thank Mother for her love and encouragement for her. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums are the most popular gifts on this occasion.

Simnel cake
Simnel cake

How about Mexico?

On Mother’s Day in Mexico, people often take her to eat in restaurants so her mother can rest in the kitchen for the day. Mother is an extremely important person in Mexican society, while Mexicans love to party. Because our mother is a person who works for us, cooks, cleanses every day, Mexicans believe that at least one day a year must take her out and let someone else cook instead.

Eating in a restaurant is an option for Mother's day
Eating in a restaurant is an option for Mother’s day

Although Mother’s Day in countries has customs as well as is celebrated on different days, Mother’s Day over the years gradually changes, but all have the same meaning that has been preserved for so long. is to express love and respect for your birth.

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