St. Patrick’s Day: green outfits flood the streets of Ireland.

St Patrick's Day

Ireland an island located in northwestern Europe is also known as the emerald island, because of the beautiful green countryside. St. Patrick’s Day is a national festival in Ireland. On this day, everyone at the office, the bank, the school, the company, etc. will be stopped from all work and enjoy the festival together. St. Patrick’s Day is now becoming a day to symbolize the culture of Ireland.

Large numbers of people participated in the festival parade

There are many legends related to St. Patrick. One of them is Patrick has the ability to revive the dead. And the greatest myth of St. Patrick was when he preached on a hilltop and placed a curse of Christianity, causing all venomous snakes to be expelled from Ireland and died of the sea. It can be said that snakes are metaphorical images for cults that St. Patrick has removed from Ireland. St. Patrick’s Day is a festival in which Irish people celebrate the beauty of their country’s long-standing culture. The festival not only dazzles tourists because of the green color, but it is also immersed in exciting and exciting activities.

What would you do on St. Patrick’s Day?

Choose for yourself a green outfit to enjoy

Up to now, on St. Patrick’s Day every year, the Irish community still wears green clover-shaped costumes to commemorate this legend. This clover also became a symbol of faith, hope and the emerging of Ireland. From this legend, on the festival day, everything on the streets and corners seems to be dyed blue.

From humans to things, food … all dressed in blue outfits. Some even decorate clover on their faces, clothes items, some choose a mischievous goblin hat, or in some places, people still feel blue about a river, monuments, even ski resorts turned green to celebrate the occasion.

Two green men with Irish beards

In some places, people even dyed a river, memorial, and even the ski area turned green to celebrate this solemn occasion. The focus of the festival is a grand parade with the participation of a large number of people, disguised as many different characters in colorful costumes, then they eat traditional food together, drink beer. and enjoy the music. You will come across green t-shirts with different messages, they talk about the kisses and the humor of the participants such as: kiss me, I’m not an Ireland, …

For Irish people, blue also shows national love or religious beliefs, from green women wearing blue shawls, blue badges to girls with green mane, but little girls wearing The cute outfit is also in a blue shade.

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