Flowers and gifts are not the true meaning of International Women’s

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International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911 to promote equality, leading to the protests of over 1 million women who voted for women.

If you try Google for the term International Women’s Day, I am sure – because I have tried – you will find women with flowers, cards, and hearts filled with images … In real life, these past few days, I am really impressed by the “hotness” of Hanoi’s streets, the men eager to choose flowers and gifts to give to the women of their lives.
Promote equality, the right to vote
It seems that this day for women must be an occasion to honor the “feminine nature”, the quality of the woman and the love for women. Of course, flowers and gifts are wonderful, but is that all the meaning of this day?
The truth is, International Women’s Day was first celebrated in 1911 to promote equality. Shortly thereafter, more than 1 million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland came together to march for women’s rights to vote and to join the public authorities. They also object to gender-based discrimination related to employment.
Since then, International Women’s Day has also become an occasion to recognize the achievements of women around the world, as well as a time for women to unite to fight against inequality. in every field – and especially, at work.

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Fight for Woman’s right

Leaders in Viet Nam have correctly outlined the principle of gender equality, and thus the Labor Code requires women to be treated equally in labor. However, as in many other countries, Vietnam still has a long way to go to put principles into practice, to truly achieve equality in treatment, rights, and opportunities.
Although the labor force participation rate is high compared to the world average, female workers in Vietnam are often concentrated in the informal sector, which lacks protection and stability. Among wage workers, women earn 12% less than men on average.

Therefore, instead of giving flowers or praising women as “passive beauties”, International Women’s Day is probably the time when we need to pay attention to our real efforts to promote gender equality and set an example. women leaders, women entrepreneurs, encourage debate about challenges that hinder equality, and how women’s voices are truly heard.

This week, coincidentally coinciding with the International Women’s Anniversary, I had the opportunity to attend two events related to the revision of the 2012 Labor Code to help realize gender equality and fight discrimination. Workplace.

Some of the current emerging issues include the fact that the Code has not yet provided a definition of sexual harassment, or that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may not make a long list of categories. work picture. At the same time, the gap of 5 years of retirement age between men and women is also an important issue, because these 5 years make women less trained, promoted less, receive income. lower, and the pension is also lower.

And increasingly we will see more and more women taking on hard work but in a different way – starting a business, starting small businesses, running big businesses, important organizations. Respectfully, hold the position of minister or top scholar.

The separation between the one side is the current protectionist approach of the law and the other is the proven capacity and desire of the woman, has become bigger and bigger, and requires change to become more urgent than the bag

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